Sentralen floor plans

Sentralen is a big building of over 12,000 m2, so don’t be afraid to look at the map to find the auditorium or room that you want. 

On our ground floor, you will find our biggest hall, the Marble Hall, which room for 800 people; also on the ground floor are our restaurant and cafeteria, and not least the Winter Garden, where you can both experience culture and enjoy a drink.

You can also take a tour of every floor by visiting Sentralen’s map page.

If you go up to the first floor, you will arrive at the old bank vault, which has now been transformed into an intimate venue with seating for 150 people. This floor is also where you find six of Sentralen's meetingrooms

On the second floor, you can go back in time to a bar filled with artefacts dating back to when this building was a bank. And if you go across the marble floor, this will bring you to the Gold Hall, which acts as the foyer area for the Director's Hall directly adjacent. You will often hear classical music coming from this room, but don’t be surprised if you also hear the sound of heavy metal in the bank’s former executive boardroom. 

Art, dance and rehearsals dominate our forth floor, where Vanessa Baird has covered an entire wall, and the bank clerks’ former gymnasium, which has been converted into a modern concert and dance venue. Our production rooms are also here, and these can either be used for rehearsals for the next major concert, or as venues for smaller concerts. 

Since Sentralen has been converted from two buildings of four and six storeys each, these offices are in the only part of the building that has six storeys. This means that only the first four storeys are open to the public. Our two upper floors contain the social entrepreneurs at SoCentral, providing premises for those who are helping to resolve our social challenges. This could be the place where the seed is sown to ensure that the Oil Age is replaced by something greener and more beautiful.

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