Are Mokkelbost, «Two Times» and «Leash»

Massive glass images by Are Mokkelbost decorates three windows in Sentralens restaurant and café area.

Are Mokkelbost (born 1976) studied at the Art Academy in Oslo from 1997 to 2002. He is perhaps best known for his intricate and poetic collages that are extremely detailed and sumptuous. The artist uses materials from magazines and other publications, but has also worked with glass and textiles. In addition to being a visual artist, Mokkelbost is a musician and composer, and plays in several bands.

He has exhibited in Antwerp, Paris, New York, Rotterdam, Oslo, Moss and Los Angeles. His work has been purchased by organisations such as DNB UD, Hydro, Kunst på Arbeidsplassen (Art in the Workplace) and the Henie-Onstad Art Centre (through Kunstgaven, funded by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB).

In Sentralen, Mokkelbost has made massive glass images for three of the large windows at street level in the building's café and restaurant area. The images are transparent so you can see through them into Sentralen.

The designs are based on a collage technique in which silhouettes and shapes are cut out of brightly coloured materials. The shapes are folded so that the colours at the back come forward, while the silhouette simultaneously changes.

When the sun streams through the glass, it creates an exciting play of light for people viewing the artwork from inside the rooms, and the motifs are constantly changing.

The works in the restaurant area has been given the titles Leash and Mended Paths, while the other work, Two Times, can be seen in the café.