Learn street dance

Learn street dance techniques, and experiment with creative work and dance!

Soul Sessions Oslo (SSO) is a street dance organisation that organises workshops, jam sessions and battles. We want to teach people about the different street dance styles and hip-hop culture, and provide inspiration through dance, music and social fellowship. Sentralen is our new home.

Our programme consists of three sub-projects: open informal practice, jam sessions and workshops/battles/jams in which children, young people and professionals can participate in sessions led by professionals.

OPEN PRACTICE – You learn!

When? Sundays from 15:00-18:00
Where? Gymnasium/Trustees’ Hall 

Open informal practice every Sunday, when dancers of all ages and levels and from every street dance genre can meet and practice together, share knowledge and inspire each other. A professional freestyle dancer will be present, providing music and guidance. If you have some choreography or a project that you are working with, alone or with friends, you can come here and be surrounded by other creative spirits, who can give you inspiration and feedback if you want it. 

JAM SESSIONS - you develop! 

When? There are a total of 3 jam sessions a year (see calendar), Sundays from 18:00-23:00
Where? The vault

Monthly jam sessions with professional DJs - a social meeting place with the best music from hip-hop, funk, dancehall, house, breakbeat and electronica. A range of steps, variations of steps, and even styles grew out of exactly this type of setting. In these sessions, we see how much joy and interaction between people can be created by dance. 
They are an arena in which people can develop in freedom, without mirrors and in contact with the music and other dance lovers. 

WORKSHOP/BATTLE/JAM – You challenge!

When? Two weekends a year (see programme)
Where? Gymnasium and the Vault

Workshop/battle/jam twice a year, in which the best Norwegian and international dancers unreservedly share their enthusiasm and knowledge about different dance techniques, creative work/choreography, history, musical interpretation and culture. Sundays are the battle days, when anyone can show off their skills to an audience and be seen by well-known dancers and judges. 


When?5-9 October 2016
Where? Sentralen

The three sub-projects at Sentralen culminate in a bigger festival called Soul Sessions Extended. 

The event takes place over five days, and consists of workshops with our international judges/teachers, battles/competitions in various styles of street dance and jam/diskotek (18+).

The festival will combine street dance with the other elements of the hip-hop culture: DJing, rap, graffiti and MCing.