A centre for young people

Every week, young people and families with children will find a wide variety of exciting cultural events on offer at Sentralen.

Sentralen is Oslo's newest arts centre and our aim is to provide young people and children with the best cultural events in the city.

Every week, you can expect to find around 10 different events, promoted under the slogan Sentralen UNG (YOUNG). A host of exciting organisers and artists will be putting on workshops, concerts, performances and much more. Check out this website for more information on upcoming events and a complete programme schedule.

Even with the kids in tow, being pushed for time shouldn't prevent you from getting some much-needed food for the soul - which is why we've collaborated with the restaurant at Sentralen and come up with some tasty dinner options for all the family. Our goal is for you to be able to collect the children straight from kindergarten or school and then eat a quick, healthy, inexpensive meal in the restaurant before enjoying one of the brilliant cultural experiences on offer elsewhere in the building. And you'll still get home by bed-time.

Follow us here on our website, so you're always up-to-date with what's on offer!