Hvelvet / The Vault

Hvelvet (The Vault) is fitted for 150 standing or 60 seated audiences.

The old vault in the savings bank was the building's treasury with a vault door worthy of the Beagle Boys and criminal genius Egon Olsen. Dry and technical are two words that best describe the Vault.

Hvelvet is used for pre-production purposes and smaller public events, lends itself well to testing a band before going out on the road, or as a small club venue.

The Vault is fitted for 150 standing or 60 seated people

Technical information:

Please contact us for quotes for technical equipment and staffing.

Food and beverages:

We have bars in Gullbaren (the Gold Bar) and Vinterhagen (the Winter Garden), on the first and third floor. 

We offer excellent meal deals for meetings, lunch, dinner and other events. For prices and menu, please contact mat@sentralen.no
Food and beverages can also be purchased from Sentralen's restaurant and café on the first floor.

Facilities and access: 

Access is from the party entrance in Øvre Slottsgate 3 or the marble staircase. Wheelchair access with a lift/ramp from Akersgaten. Public conveniences on the floor below. No windows. Main entrance behind the stage. 3 emergency exit routes. The premises consist of floor space with a stage and staircase with access to a mezzanine.

Could Hvelvet be the place for your event? Please Write to us at booking@sentralen.no or give us a Call on +47 22 47 25 00!