Production Room 2 (P2)

Production Room 2 is fitted for up to 10 seated people.

We have two small rehearsal rooms on the third floor, of which Production Room 2 is the smallest. The acoustic design of both of these rooms means that they are equally suitable for unamplified and slightly amplified sound.


Technical production is possible, please contact us for information and prices.


We provide excellent package prices for meetings, lunches,
dinners and other events. Please contact us for options:

Food and drink can also be purchased directly from Sentralen’s restaurant and café on the ground floor.

Facilities and access: 

Third floor, public entrance in Øvre Slottsgate 3 via lift or stairs
in the main entrance. Mingle/break room immediately outside the venue.
Toilets in the corridor outside the venue. Natural light from windows on
both sides of the venue. Entrance at the rear. Direct backstage access
to stage is also possible from the first floor. Two emergency exits.

Could P2 be the place for your meeting or event? Contact us on