A house filled with culture and new ideas

Sentralen is a workplace for 350 people who are working in cultural production or social innovation.

At Sentralen, established institutes sit side by side with companies that are only just starting up.

On the second and third floors of the building, facing Tollbugata, we have offices for cultural producers, ensembles, orchestras, festivals and anyone else involved in producing a cultural expression that will be presented to an audience.

On the fourth floor is our partner SoCentral, a composite mixture of organisations working to find new solutions to social challenges. You can see a list of the members of SoCentral here.

On the top floor are Sentralen’s flexidesks, where smaller companies involved in cultural production and social innovation have access to flexible workstations in an open-plan office setting.

The following cultural producers currently work in Sentralen:

•   Norwegian Girls’ Choir

•   Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

•   Risør Chamber Music Festival

•   Norwegian Soloists’ Choir

•   Ensemble 1B1

•   Allegria Ensemble

•   Norwegian Storytelling Festival

•   HEDDA Foundation

•   Inferno Metal Festival

•   Oslo International Church Music Festival

•   Miniøya

•   Norwegian Baroque Orchestra

•   Oslo Sinfonietta & Cikada/CIKOS

•   Oslo Quartet Series

•   Panta Rei Dance Theatre

•   Rockslo

•   SafeMUSE

•   Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

•   Vega Scene Utvikling AS

•   Aurora Kvamsdal

•   Anne K Fallmyr

•   Assitej Norway

•   Circus Xanti

•   Damini House of Culture

•   Didá Productions

•   Association Read!

•   Irrgrønn Productions

•   JM Norway

•   The Concert Union

•   Norsk Smakskule

•   Nordic Voices

•   Oscarsborg Opera Foundation

•   Oslo Fagottkor

•   Oslo Jazz Festival

•   Oslo Medieval Festival

•   Oslo World Music Festival

•   Scandinavian Playback Theatre Studio

•   Pøbelkompaniet

•   Ravnedans

•   Sidsel Pape

•   Statsteatret

•   Vildenvei Theatre Group

•   TekstLab

•   Th'Line

•   Ungt Entreprenørskap

•   Norwegian National Youth Orchestra

•   Heidi Jessen

•   Krogh Sundbø Entertainment

•   Foundation Oslo Children's Museu