We all work at Sentralen

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. You can check out and hire our premises here and find everything you need to know about upcoming events at Sentralen on this website. Please find attached photos of Sentralen for the press here.

Martin Eia-Revheim

– Director

Martin is responsible for the development of Sentralen and built the team of architects, project managers, suppliers and, last but not least, the team behind Sentralen. Martin has overall responsibility for the content, people and money invested in Sentralen.

As a graduate social worker, Martin has made good use of his education to manage work in the cultural sector including being a founder of Blå jazz club, festival manager for Kongsberg Jazz Festival, director of the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra and director of the Music Information Centre Norway.

In common with most other organisers in Norwegian cultural life, Martin has long had ambitions of becoming a performing artist himself. He was going to be a drummer.

Vilde Frafjord Strømsvåg

– Head of booking

Vilde works on booking and hiring out of Sentralen's halls and rooms, and has extensive experience in concert and festival performance from the Øya Festival, Kongsberg Jazz Festival and Ultima Festival.

She studied Culture and Communication at the University of Oslo and Project Management in Cultural Events at NISS University College. She also works as a producer at Vulkan Arena.

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Rikke Haakenstuen

– Booking

Rikke is responsible for rental of meeting rooms at Sentralen. She has long experience from customer center and case processing.

Rikke har worked as excursion guide for Norwegians in several countries in Europe, including Ireland, Hungary, Austria and Poland . She is authorized Osloguide, and in addition to working at the Sentralen, she is a guide to Oslo and tour guide for Norway's tourists.

Rikke has studied courses within event management at the University of Technology in Sydney, as well as courses within organizational behavior and management at BI Norwegian Business School.

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Per Mejlænder Brynning

– Head of communications +47 992 37 227

Per has been a producer at Sentralen since 2013 with responsibility for operations, communications, hiring and events for Sentralen's pilot project in Skippergata, in addition to coordinating Sentralen's website, visual identity and documentation of the project.

He now has overall responsibility for the website content, social media and other external communications. Per is an experienced program- and production worker for Bergen International Festival, a producer for the Norwegian Festival of Literature and head of the Culture-committee of Bergen Student Society.

In 2010, he was a member of the 17th of May Committee in Bergen and, in 2011, founded the debating society of the Cultural Committee in Lillehammer. Per studied History and Culture at the University of Bergen and Cultural Project Management at Lillehammer University College.

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Robert Hörnfeldt

– Event Manager

Robert is responsible for coordinating all events, activities and resources in Sentralens venues, production halls and meeting rooms. Robert came to Sentralen from the position as conference manager at Quality Hotel 33 in Oslo.

He has been a stage manager for the Miniøya festival, guitarist and singer in the band Chitty Chitty Bang Gang and bassist in Seven Doors Hotel. Since 2012 he has also been involved in a technical user group for Sentralen which, together with the project management, architects and contractors have surveyed and prepared Sentralen's technical profile. He is a graduate technician from The Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio, specializing in studio production.

Lasse Baklien

– Technical Manager

Lasse makes sure Sentralen is well equipped with everything required in terms of sound, lighting and other technical equipment for its production facilities and, following its inauguration, he will be primarily responsible for technical operations associated with events at Sentralen.

Before joining Sentralen in 2015 Lasse worked as a self-employed sound engineer and tour manager for Datarock, Ingrid Olava, Jaga Jazzist, Bugge Wesseltoft and numerous other artists. He also worked as systems engineer at venues such as Rockefeller, Parkteatret and Mono and played drums for bands such as Lukestar, Seven Doors Hotel, Chitty Chitty Bang Gang and Datarock.

Alf Magnus Reistad

– Finance Manager

Since 2014, Alf Magnus has worked to build up Sentralen's organisation, assuming chief responsibility for the building's finances and operations. Alf Magnus came from his job as Head of NRK Music Department where he also served as cultural manager and editor-in-chief of music.

Previous posts included project manager and music director of the Oslo Philharmonic while, in his spare time, he acted as administrative director of the Hardanger Music Festival. He trained as a viola player at Østlandets Conservatory of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

Therése Selvaag Smerud

– Event Coordinator

Therèse is responsible for events in the Marble Hall, the Vault and Production Rooms 1, 2 and 3. She is project manager for the youth curriculum Blanke Ark and has been the coordinator for the art decoration of Sentralen.

Therèse has previously worked with art promotion in the Cultural Agency Mesén and as a frame maker and gallery worker. She co-founded the Student Film Festival at Lillehammer in 2011 and has been a production employee at a number of student productions at the Norwegian Film School. Therèse has studied fashion design at Esmod Oslo and art history and cultural project management at Lillehammer University College.

Emma Damskau

– Event Coordinator

Emma is the event manager for the Winter garden, the Gym and the Boardroom. In addition, she is coordinator of one of the Center's program series for children, youngsters and professional dance performers, Soul Sessions Oslo.

Emma has worked as a dance teacher and choreographer at Lillehammer and Gjøvik Dance Center and freelance as executive dancer and project manager. Her last commitment was as Production Manager for the TV series Laughing Live Season 2 at NRK1. In addition to being an executive dancer in her free time, she works to establish the Sentral as a unifying arena for the urban dance environment in Oslo.

Emma is an educated as cultural project manager at Lillehammer University College.

Nicolai Åsend

– Coordinator

Nicolai has worked at Sentralen since the opening in 2016 and is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the buildings. In addition, he works with arrangements and as technical support for all the halls.

Nicolai has a varied background that has provided him with the necessary experience needed to run a versatile cultural center. In the period 2005-2007 he served as a gun-commander in the Norwegian Navy’s 22. MTB-squadron along the coast of Lebanon, of which the last year as part of the United Nation’s UNIFIL 2-force. In addition, he has worked on construction sites and several years as a waiter at restaurants in Oslo.

He’s been a drummer in a metal band and is educated as interior architect from Griffith College in Dublin.

Kristina Walsøe

– Coordinator

Kristina has worked at Sentralen since the opening in 2016 as head of the front desk, as well as responsible for maintenance and operation of the buildings. She also works with events and service.

Kristina have many years of experience with sales, service and events from work at countless of festivals in Norway. She has also managed the launch and opening of several of record- and gaming-stores throughout Norway, in addition to being the store manager for several of the Free Record Shops branches in Oslo.