Soul Session Oslo Battles

Soul Session Oslo Battles

13.00 Gymsalen & Marmorsalen

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Soul Sessions Oslo Battles

Hiphop 1 vs 1
Open styles 2 vs 2

Hiphop: Cedric (FR/NO), Martha (UG/SE), Yaman (FR)
Open Styles: Stew (FR/NO), Xisco (NE), Martha (UG/SE)

DJ: Dj Nobunaga
Hiphop Dj Stew 
Open Styles 


Doors open 13.00
Preselection starts 14.00 
To participants: 
Sign up: Message Soul Sessions Oslo on Facebook or at the door from 12.00 Saturday 20th of May. 
50 NOK sign up fee.
Prize: HIPHOP 1500 NOK / OPEN STYLES 3000 NOK 

8 dancers pass through preselection in Hiphop. 
8 teams pass through preselections in Open Styles
Open Styles (any style within Streetdance) 

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