Get Raus! English Comedy Fa'Showcase

Get Raus! English Comedy Fa'Showcase

19.45 Forstanderskapssalen

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The Get Raus! English Comedy Fa’Showcase, a Stand-Up comedy showcase, brings you Berlin’s best and blackest comedians. Following hit shows in Berlin, Get Raus! is on the road to entertain crowds around Europe!

Our comedians will be performing extended sets and are not holding back! From city to city, they’re bringing tales of their experiences and adventures living in one of the whitest places on earth, Europe!
You already know they’re coming with HILARIOUS perspectives, BIG jokes and BIG laughs - you haven’t seen anything like this yet!
They have a lot to say as they’ve been surrounded by whiteness on all sides for a looonng time.
You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… You’ll be cry-laughing and even pee a little bit!

Bringing tonight’s world of laughter, on the lineup we’ve got:
Justin Small Comedy (USA)
Daniel Olel (Uganda)
Jet Set Ty Rone (USA)

Tickets can be ordered from Eventbrite or bought at the entrance to the venue.


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