CODA TEKSTLAB seminar: Kunst som politikk

CODA TEKSTLAB seminar: Kunst som politikk

11.00 Produksjonsrom 1

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Rachid Ouramdane (Frankrike), Shanti Brahmachari (Norge) and Chrissie Tiller (UK) 

En del av TekstLab Scratch Festival "Glokale Stemmer" 16.–20. oktober og arrangeres i samarbeid med CODA Oslo International Dance Festival 2019 
Sted: Sentralen, P1
Lørdag 19.10.2019 11:00 - 13:00

Seminaret drøfter kunst og the politics of identity og maktrelasjoner. Strukturelle forhold som klasse, kulturell bakgrunn, bosted bestemmer hvem som blir sett og hørt eller i deltar i kunst. 

Om deltakerne:

Rachid Ouramdane, choreographer and performer, will reflect on the relationship between art, politics and identity. In his art work he researches how political history leaves marks on our bodies, and how history affects each person’s identity. Many of his works reflect how people experience extreme situations - mass killings, torture, imprisonment, environmental disasters - and how difficult it is to use words to express these experiences. It is the body that embodies the memories of history.

 "So I wanted to go indepth in the feeling of being a “foreigner” and to question identity (the one people cast on us, the one people build for us, which can be social culturally, created by media). This work, as all my work, is constructed from testimonies I collected, to try to link individual lives to collective history. I search for poetic ways in order to be at the forefront of the documentary."  

Chrissie Tiller is director, writer, teacher and researcher within theatre and drama with background from Royal National Theatre, and has led the MA programme Participatory and Community Arts at Goldsmith University for
 12 years. In her  new book "Power Up" she explores complexities and challenges of sharing power in arts projects in local communities. As an independent consultant in the arts she is exploring how various practices of participatory creative art projects contribute to new stories, identities, and belonging to the local community. She is currently working with " Who are We?"at The Tate Exchange, London.

«The importance of offering communities the possibility to participate in art that not only celebrates their history and heritage but also allows them to engage critically with the real issues facing them, cannot be underestimated- ..." taking art as their starting point, to expand their renewed sense of community until ‘it becomes a movement of people, emerging from our individual silos and travelling in the same direction; sharing an identity and holding common values’"  skriver Chrissie Tiller i TekstLab Jubileumsmagasin fra sin nylig publiserte bok Power Up, fra kunstprogrammet Creative People and Places.

Shanti Brahmachari is a director, dramaturge, producer and the artistic director of TekstLab, with long international experience from arts institutions like The Royal National Theatre and the Tricycle Theatre, Royal Court in London. In her latest productions The Unseen, the Unheard and Memories: Body she explores "the politics of identity" through personal histories, narratives and landscapes of remembering. TekstLab also runs a large performing arts program for and in collaboration with young people, developing and presenting new writing and performance art.  TekstLab Ung engages with local community in new ways, developing new voices and creating a more democratic arena for participation. 

"When young people share their stories and artwork locally, with artists, parents, siblings, friends and neighbours as audience, a new venues for dialogue across generations and cultures are established creating shared identity and belonging."  

Supported by Stiftelsen Fritt OrdSparebankstiftelsen DNB

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