We are the chefs that make sure that the food and drink experiences at Sentralen are always excellent - Stian Floer, Tom Victor Gausdal, Even Ramsvik and Anders Braathen.

We own the company Lava that provides all the catering at Sentralen. Every project in which we are involved has a high focus on sustainability. We also want to create places that bring something new to the venues in which we are operating.

We spend a lot of time and energy on our products, on everything from chives to organic wine. For us, it’s important that we can verify the origin of all the ingredients we use, and that the farmers or producers who deliver to us operate sustainably.

Natural philosophy

We want the wines we work with to be cultivated as naturally as possible, and not manipulated in any way. Wherever possible, our ingredients should be Norwegian. For example, we will buy whole animals from our butchers, and make creative dishes from the less popular cuts, which shows that we respect the animals by ensuring that as little as possible goes to waste.
For us it’s important that we are creating a culture that will live on long after we lay down our ladles, which I hope won’t be until we have put our feet up in an old folks’ home. This is why we are proud that we are working so hard to train others to follow us in the industry, particularly trainee chefs, but also other students in service occupations.