SoCentral and contact information

SoCentral is the host environment for a large, composite mixture of social innovators, with its offices on the fourth and fifth floors of Sentralen.

New solutions are created when people from different backgrounds get together with the aim of tackling specific social challenges. 

By acting as the host environment for a large, composite mixture of social innovators based in Sentralen, SoCentral is enabling exactly this kind of contact. Our members include people who are working on new solutions in fields such as health, the environment, welfare, urban development, education and finance. Our working space is spread across the fourth and fifth floors of Sentralen.

SoCentral is a working fellowship and an environment for innovation. Some of our members come from established enterprises, while others have only just started up. Their backgrounds span a range of academic disciplines, industries and sectors.

As well as our role as a host environment in Sentralen, SoCentral also works with selected entrepreneurs and companies on the development of new solutions to social challenges.

You can find more information about SoCentral on our website.                       

Håkon Iversen

– Co-founder of SoCentral +47 416 60 477

Håkon is a qualified civil engineer and business economist. He has over 30 years’ experience in managing and implementing complex major projects for private and public enterprises. Håkon is familiar with a wide spectrum of fields and has excellent collaborative skills. This enables him to achieve excellent results by working with people at all levels and in a range of different fields.
Håkon has absolute faith in honest, committed teamwork and clear, target-oriented management, which are essential factors in achieving good solutions to complex social challenges.

Thomas Berman

– Co-founder and managing director of SoCentral +47 907 87 982

Thomas is a qualified economist and has devoted most of his working life to developing ideas and enterprises. Several successful projects and a few failed ones have given him solid experience in managing the development of new and improved solutions, processes and business models.

Thomas often describes himself as a potato, and blames his children for his decision to use his entrepreneuring gene for the benefit of society.

Cathrine Skar

– Co-founder of SoCentral +47 468 05 950

Cathrine is qualified in clinical psychology, and has many years of experience in the public mental health service. As an independent consultant, she has had a great deal of experience in working with social entrepreneurs and organisations on the development of projects aimed at the public sector. The projects have created new structures of cooperation between the state, municipalities, research and business institutions who are aiming to develop more user-oriented and target-oriented services.

Cathrine believes that cross-party participation and cooperation are major factors in innovation and change. She is solution-oriented, creative and possesses a wealth of knowledge.

Stina Låstad

– Project Manager of the Nordic Incubator for Social Innovation +47 416 07 802

Stina has a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and her specialisation is technology and society. She has also studied social entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo and has helped to start up the social entrepreneurs Medarbeiderne AS. Stina is experienced in working with innovation in the public sector through her work on her Master’s thesis in healthcare innovation in partnership between the public and private sectors, and through her involvement with InnoMed and the Directorate for Public Management and eGovernment (DIFI). Stina’s main skills are business development, innovation, project management and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Thomas Evensen

– Financial Manager +47 917 84 859

Thomas has a strong background in innovation, technology and finance. Thomas has managed some of the biggest cultural centres in the country, including The Academic Quarter in Bergen, and the Norwegian Student Society in Oslo. He brings valuable experience from his work on the development of business clusters. Thomas has many years of experience in the voluntary and philanthropic social sector, and his motivation comes from wanting to help people who want to change the world for the better.           

Marie Harbo Dahle

– Community Manager +47 95948177

As Community Manager, Marie makes sure SoCentral is a space where new collaborations and connections lead to new solution to social challenges. She creates meeting places and events, takes care of all member-related business, and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Marie is a political scientist from the University of Oslo. Her strong commitments to resolving social issues has led to volunteering for the Red Cross, the Rafto Foundation for Human Rights, and in the student activities at the university. As a social scientist she can identify and contribute to solving complex, wicked issues. 

Marie has experience from the Social Welfare Administration of Norway, where she worked with long term ill unemployed. Before this she has worked with service and communication at the Career Services of the University of Oslo, at the Norwegian Embassy to Canada, and in other sales and service-related jobs.