What Noises Remain - Peter Swendsen & Jennifer Torrence

What Noises Remain - Peter Swendsen & Jennifer Torrence

19.00 Hvelvet

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What Noises Remain is an evening-length work for percussion, electroacoustic sound, text, and video.

Created by Peter Swendsen & Jennifer Torrence

Performed by Jennifer Torrence

We sometimes go in search of the remnants and records of past events, but we also sometimes find ourselves immersed in a place with a history unknown to us, a history almost entirely reclaimed by the place itself. In these places, on this island, we see and hear beneath surfaces, catch fragments of meaning at the edges of perception, and project ourselves into a narrative that is both tangible and imagined. Here there was captivity, freedom, cunning, and hope. Desolation, destruction, and renewal. Here was both the center of the world and the place of exile. Fragments remain. Magic remains. Whether this be or be not, I’ll not swear...

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